Since 2016!

The ChangeWe Seek

Vermont Smoke & Cure’s core purpose is to improve the wellbeing of people, farms, and animals. VS&C creates better meat for all by partnering with our suppliers, local farmers, and customers to promote greater access to healthy, more humanely raised meats.

Better Meat for All ™

Vermont Smoke & Cure creates and crafts meats that (a) are healthier to eat, (b) are produced using more humane practices, (c) include meats and ingredients that help local and regional-scale family famers to thrive; and (d) have a lower environmental impact from growing and processing.

Farmer Services

Vermont Smoke & Cure provides state-of-the-art processing services to family-scale farms in Vermont and nearby states, helping them create delicious, higher profit margin meats made from their livestock.

Local Ingredient Partners

We source simple, local ingredients wherever possible from our neighbors - Vermont farmers and growers. Our locally-sourced ingredients include Vermont maple syrup and maple sugar, apple cider, apple cider vinegar, hard cider, and blue cheese!

Creating an Ownership Culture in Vermont

Vermont Smoke & Cure creates an ownership culture in which all full time employees receive
a direct ownership interest in the
business through an employee stock option plan. We are committed to maintaining a primary and permanent office and manufacturing operations here in Vermont.

Our Environmental Commitment

We are continually working to reduce our overall carbon footprint and resource intensity. Recently, we installed high-efficiency smokehouses and refrigeration. Currently, more than 60% of our power is generated from local, renewable solar.