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B Corp Month: Celebrating “Business as a Force for Good”

Vermont Smoke and Cure B-Corp certified snacks

As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the social and environmental impact of their purchasing habits, the number of companies reconsidering their business practices are growing, too. The B Lab was founded to help companies make operational decisions that are better for the environment, their communities, employees, and the economy, even when it means sacrificing short-term profit. A company that commits to comply with B Lab’s standards can become a certified B Corporation.

B-Corp Brands on a map

The B Corp Certification allows consumers to make informed decisions and purchase from companies that use “Business as a Force for Good.” Over the last year, Vermont Smoke & Cure joined B Corp brands, including Fetzer Wine, Cabot Creamery, Divine Chocolate, and Pete and Gerry’s Eggs, for a series of events to inform attendees about the benefits and applications of corporate social responsibility and celebrate and the B Corp movement.

At the most recent event, attendees gathered around a chalk mural to share their ideas about what being a B Corp means to them.

B-Corp Chalkboard

Some of our favorites  –

“B Corporations are businesses that…..

“Make a difference”
“Support their employees”
“Protect people, planet, and profit”
“Change consumer behavior”

“Doing business different means..

“People over profit”
“People first”
“Changing the industry…one business at a time”
“I support companies that support my values. Some of those values are…..
“Human dignity”
“Environmental Consciousness”

Without context, these can sound like buzzwords, so here are some examples of how these statements come to life at each of the great companies that hosted the event:

At Vermont Smoke & Cure, part of being a B Corp means helping our agricultural community. Vermont Smoke & Cure processes small, local farmers’ meats for those that don’t have their own smokehouse, (like Lilac Hedge Farm pictured below) enabling them to bring their meat to market. You can learn more about our Farmer’s Service’s program here.

Pigs in the Snow

Fetzer Wine has pioneered the path to sustainability in the wine industry. Fetzer implements the highest standards in sustainability, striving to eclipse the status quo. Fetzer’s vineyards commit to restoring, revitalizing, and regenerating ecosystems and communities with each grape they grow. Fetzer Wines uses a variety of organic and regenerative practices – including cover crops to manage soil fertility and soil erosion, compost to reduce waste, habitat corridors to increase wildlife diversity, and elimination of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Cabot Creamery is a farmer-owned cooperative. All Cabot farmers have a stake in the business – Coop members are part of a democratic process, each receive one vote in the direction and operation of the entire business.

Divine Chocolate empowers female farmers in a traditionally male-centric Cocoa farming industry, by investing a portion of their profits into women’s training programs that help them advance their farming practices and earn additional income.

Pete and Gerry’s Eggs was the first farm business to become B Corp certified and the first egg business to become 100% certified humane. Pete and Gerry’s is leading the way and wants to inspire other egg producers to humanely raise their hens and support local farmers.

As a collective of B Corp brands, we are leading an important movement, where a singular focus on profit is no longer the status quo. We are businesses that are making a positive social impact while minimizing our negative impact on the environment – to achieve the BCorps vision of creating a shared and durable prosperity.
Want to join the effort? B the Change and shop brands with the B Corp Certification!


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