The Vermont Way

A Different Kind of Meat Company.

At Vermont Smoke & Cure®, we’ve been consciously crafting delicious smoked meats and meat snacks since 1962. We use responsibly sourced meats, and simple local ingredients like Vermont maple syrup and apple cider, combined with the highest quality spices and herbs like tamarind and quarter crack pepper.

Our Home in Vermont

Our work in Hinesburg, VT has earned us a fine reputation that we aim to uphold.

Movin’ On Up

Vermont Smoke & Cure® got its start in ‘62 in South Barre, Vermont, serving the small town made up of many recent immigrants drawn by the granite quarrying and carving industry. For the next 50 years, we operated in a farmhouse and then in the back of a gas station.

In 2012 we moved 50 miles to Hinesburg, where we renovated a former cheese making facility into our world-class Smokehouse.

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Being Good Neighbors

Our team of employee-owners creates everything in our Smokehouse right here in the hills of Vermont.  We pride ourselves on being a good neighbor and valuable partner to our local farmers. This is simply the way we do business – and it all combines to create the finest flavor in every bite.

The rolling hills of Hinesburg, Vermont.

Meet the Smokehouse Team

100% of our employees have stock options because we want to share in our company’s success as a team. We are a Vermont Benefit Corporation. This means that we have legally committed ourselves to considering not only our business, but our community and the environment in each decision we make.

Cheers To Our Founders

Roland LeFebvre, a French-Canadian in South Barre, VT, started the smokehouse as “Roland’s” in 1962. Decades later Chris Bailey, our CEO, is expanding on Roland’s vision by sharing Vermont values with a larger market.

Roland LeFebvre, a French-Canadian in South Barre, VT, started the smokehouse as “Roland’s” in 1962.
Chris Bailey racing in the Coors Classic, 1988


Roland was a local guy serving his Vermont community. He was hands-on and developed the techniques and many of the recipes that we use today.


Chris has the same driving passion that inspired Roland over 50 years ago: to create great tasting meats that make customers smile. Chris is a former professional cyclist and farmer and loves to cook. He has a deep reverence for our land and an intricate understanding of our food industry. A former vegetarian turned conscious meat-eater, Chris is committed to making livestock farming more humane and sustainable while making the food we eat more healthy and delicious.

Vermont Benefit Corporation

We’re proud that Vermont Smoke & Cure® is a certified Vermont Benefit Corporation. This means that we incorporate a social mission into our business goals by considering the impact of our operations on our employees, customers, community, and the environment. You can read our Benefit Corporation report here.

Our Delicious Network of Ingredient Partners

Butternut Mountain Farm

The Marvin family has been deeply involved in the science, art and practice of maple sugaring and the Vermont Maple Industry since the 1940’s. In 1953 the family purchased 600 acres of forestland in Johnson, the heart of Vermont maple country. On the slopes of Butternut Mountain, David and Lucy Marvin started Butternut Mountain Farm over 40 years ago.

In addition to their own farm, the Marvins work with over 350 sugar makers to supply maple syrup to our packing operation. Butternut Mountain serves as an important market for each of these farmers.

Butternut’s 75,000 sq ft production facility is certified organic, Kosher, and SQF certified. Following exacting production standards, they track every barrel with rigorous quality control and state-of-the-art supply logistics to ensure they deliver great products, on time, every time.

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Maple Sugar
Morrisville, VT

Champlain Orchards

Champlain Orchards is a family owned & ecologically managed orchard overlooking Lake Champlain in Shoreham, Vermont. As one of the oldest continuously operating orchards in Vermont, Bill Suhr and team take pride in growing over 50 varieties of apples, as well as peaches, pears, plums, cherries, nectarines, and berries. Bill and team are careful stewards of the land and grow fruit following strict Eco Apple requirements while striving to minimize their carbon footprint and sustainably contribute to their community. Champlain Orchards is our primary supplier of apple cider.

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Apple Cider
West Shoreham, VT

Sweet Retreat

Ray Morvan and his team at Sweet Retreat make their maple syrup so carefully, they call it Pure Vermont Gold®. They use new technology readily but only if it won’t impact their syrup quality. For example, they still use an open pan rather than a hard-to-clean (and perfect for growing mold) covered pan.  During sugaring season (late-February to mid-April), you can learn how they make their maple syrup in their state-of-the art sugarhouse in Northfield, VT; just call (800) 707-8427 to schedule a tour. You may even see Ray Morvan and his team of oxen at a fair or town celebration – be sure to say Hi!

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Maple Syrup
Northfield, VT

Citizen Cider

Citizen Cider, founded in 2010 on a hunch and some good old-fashioned hard work, has quickly become a leading player in the craft cider arena. Citizen Cider strives to look at the bigger picture and focuses on being involved in every aspect of their supply chain, sourcing all fruit directly from local farmers and pressing the juice to create a true craft cider. Never from concentrate. A big idea yes, but at the end of the day Citizen Cider remains present with a simple goal. Bring the cider to the people.

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Hard Apple Cider
Burlington, VT


Located in Groton, Vermont, Artesano produces high quality vinegar from honey and apples. They pride themselves on sourcing the best wildflower honey and fruit from Vermont to make hard cider and honey wine (mead), which is mankind’s oldest fermented beverage. Once the honey wine and cider are complete, they ferment it again into vinegar, this time using an indigenous, naturally occurring “mother” that has been carefully cultivated. The result is a bold, peppery yet floral creation full of flavor. Best of all, they do not filter or pasteurize the vinegar, so all of the goodness of eating live, natural food is retained in every bottle.

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Groton, VT

Better Meat for All®

Good food doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact we keep it pretty simple.

The Future of Meat

You should feel good about where your meat comes from. We buy all of the certified humanely raised meats we can, and we have transparent sourcing for all of our meats. Along with our customers, we’re helping the meat industry move to a future that is humane, transparent and environmentally friendly.

Homegrown & Healthy Recipes

New products start in the home kitchen of our CEO, Chris Bailey, before moving to our Smokehouse.


Our bacon and ham have less salt than just about anyone, even most others’ “reduced sodium” items!



Our sticks contain at least 40% less sodium and 45% less fat than leading snack sticks.


Just to be clear, our products have ABSOLUTELY…

  • No MSG
  • No eggs
  • No fish or shellfish
  • No tree nuts or peanuts
  • No gluten


Farmer Services

We help small farmers go to market by processing their meats using our recipes.


Explore Our Meat Sources

We believe healthy meat starts at the source. We are proud to work with some of the finest natural meat suppliers. From large scale to small, our purchases are helping to improve livestock agriculture.


We are pioneering a thoughtful and delicious way of crafting flavorful bacon, sausage, ham, and meat snacks. As a company, we believe in Better Meat for All®.

Simple, Local and Hands-on

  • We proudly use Vermont maple syrup and apple cider in the brines for our bacon and ham.
  • We primarily smoke using ground corn cobs and maple wood shavings, traditional smoke sources here in Vermont. We never use liquid or artificial smoke flavor.
  • We use whole muscle hams and carefully hand place each piece into its netting to ensure the best quality in every bite.
  • We hand trim all of our meats and we grind our meats on-site.
  • Our uncured items use natural preservatives to ensure food safety. In our Sticks and Summer Sausage, instead of just adding acids, we ferment to lower pH the old-school way for the best flavor.


Chris Bailey, CEO


It requires additional physical steps to ensure that the bacon is tender after we cut it so thick. We always take the extra steps – because thick cut bacon just tastes better.



  • Vermont Smoke & Cure™ products are always made in our very own smokehouse, here in Hinesburg, VT.
  • More than 50% of the electricity we use is from solar – all generated within 60 miles.
  • We use high-efficiency smokers that reduce our energy requirements by more than 10%.