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Our Top Four Healthy Halloween Handouts

Our Top Four Healthy Halloween Handouts

2.7 billion dollars!! That’s how much Americans will spend on Halloween candy this year. Another stat to make your teeth hurt: the average trick or treater consumes more than 3 cups of sugar. And that’s just on night one.

There are lots of Halloween treats you can dish out at a party—“Boo-nana pops,” “pizza fingers” and “clementine pumpkins” are a few of our favorites—but options thin out for delicious AND healthy snacks to hand out to trick-or-treaters.

We’re trying to be the change we wish to see in the world, so we sought out options that fill the following requirements: Compete-against-candy-flavor, individually wrapped, and shelf-stable.

It wasn’t easy, but we found three incredibly tasty and healthy handouts for Halloween this year!

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Bare Snacks Apple Chips

Bare makes their snacks with real fruit picked at its ripest point and sliced just right. They slowly oven-bake each batch to a perfect caramelized crunch so that everyone can satisfy their craving with the natural sweetness of fruit.

Vermont Smoke & Cure® Meat Sticks

We might be biased, but these are the ideal savory pairing to the rest of the sweets everyone will be taking home. Plus, you’re sharing a high protein, low-sugar, no-refrigeration-necessary snack option that parents will be thrilled to find out their kids love.

UnReal Snacks

Alright, it’s Halloween after all. But when it’s chocolate we’re after, we’re not into conventional brands. UnReal Snacks offer a fresh take on chocolate: non-gmo, fair trade, organic and sustainable ingredients. Absolutely nothing artificial—that’s a choco-choice we can get behind.

Justin’s Snack Packs

At Vermont Smoke & Cure®, we know it’s all about high quality ingredients, and that’s what you get with Justin’s. These Snack Packs are our favorite because: Pretzels + nut butter = salty, sweet, crunchy and creamy. What more can you ask for in a single bite?

Share the health and help yourself: without all that candy around, you’re sure to escape the season with fewer cravings and a cleaner conscience!

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